Blueberry Basil Blitzer

(batch version)


2 packs of fresh basil

Sprinkle of lime juice

1 bottle Sussex Blueberry Liqueur (375 mL)

375 mL Oassis Berry Pomegranate Juice


Note for best flavor you need to make this ahead and let sit in the fridge

Preparation Instructions

Put basil in bottom of picture and lightly sprinkle with lime juice. Lightly Muddle   

Add Liqueur and juice 

Strain out basil leaves after mixture has sat for awhile. Serve cold



Candy Cane Spritzer


1.5 parts SCD Candy Cane Liqueur

1 part your favorite white wine (cold)

Here are our recommendations:

  • Sweet - Magnetic Hill Osceola By the Sea
  • Dry – Magnetic Hill Lodgestone White
  • Sparkling – your favorite brand


½ part club soda or favorite citrus soda water. Note that not required if using sparkling wine option




Candy Cane Float


1 part - SCD Candy Cane Liqueur

½ part - SCD Cranberry Liqueur

1½ part – Sussex Golden Cranberry Ginger ale (cold)

Generous portions of Sussex Candy Cane Ice Cream – Use local and don’t substitute. Your cocktail experience deserves the best ingredients

Lastly, pour Ginger ale over the ice cream.

Optional Garnish - crushed candy canes & or whipped cream




Caramel Toffee Toddy


3 parts – local Apple Cider 

1 part - SCD Creamy Caramel Liqueur

½ part – SCD Match Batch Cinnamon Liqueur 

Pieces of favorite Toffee candy (e.g. Skors)



Combine ingredients in crockpot. Heat on high until at desired temperature. Stir occasionally to make sure toffee dissolves




Christmas Cosmo

*Our take on the traditional cocktail


1½ part SCD Cranberry Liqueur

1 part SCD Shoreline Orange liqueur

¼ part lime juice 

1 part Oassis orange, raspberry, passion fruit juice

Last step - Top up a Jones Orange Cream soda to taste








Drunken Donner


part - SCD Toasted Coconut Liqueur

1 ½ part  – SCD Spiced Rum 522

6 parts – Delmont orange pineapple juice

4 shakes of bitters – note that this will improve the cocktail but not absolutely required. Expensive but the bottle I purchased at major grocery chain will last a long time 

Preparation instructions  

  • Option 1 – put above ingredients in cocktail shaker with ice and shake for 30 secs
  • Option 2 – put in picture and stir vigorously


Fill glass with ice and add a small amount of maraschino cherry juice to the bottom of the glass. This step will make end cocktail look awesome and adds flavor. Pour drink contents over ice and cherry juice and enjoy

Optional garnish choices - cherries, pineapple chunk or orange slices





Grinch That Stole Sussex


1 part SCD Shoreline Blue Raspberry Liqueur

½ part SCD Shoreline Lemon Squeeze

½-1 part Pop Shoppe Lime Rickey


Combine ingredients and pour over ice

Note – Quantities can be adjusted to preferred taste 




Holiday Rum Punch

(Batch Version)

1 cup of SCD Wards Creek Platinum white rum

1 cup SCD Cranberry Liqueur

3 cans SCD Strawberry Cherry coolers

3 cans ginger ale

1 can of frozen Minute Maid Limeade (critical ingredient) and ice.

Garnish is cut strawberries, limes and frozen cranberries.


Optional:  For less alcohol content, reduce white rum and cranberry liqueur by 50%.  For summer recipe, use white rum only.  Replace cranberry garnish with lemon slices









Holiday Tart Punch


2 parts SCD Cranberry Liqueur

1 part SCD Orange Slice Liqueur

1 part SCD Pineapple Spike Liqueur

2 parts Sussex Golden Cranberry Ginger ale

2 parts Del Monte orange pineapple juice and ice to taste. 


Garnish with sliced oranges or clementine’s, cut pineapple, or frozen cranberries.





White Christmas Moijto


2 parts SCD Toasted Coconut Liqueur

1 part Coconut Silk Milk

Fresh mint leaves 

Lime juice 

½ -1 part club soda or lime soda water

Optional garnish – mint leaves or pomegranate seeds



Cocktail Shaker Option – put generous amounts of mint leaves in shaker and cover with lime juice and muddle. Add liqueur, coconut milk and ice. Shake for 30 seconds. Pour in glass and top with club soda or soda water


Pitcher Option – put generous amounts of mint leaves in shaker and cover with lime juice and muddle. Add liqueur and coconut milk and stir vigorously. Pour drink in glass with ice and top with club soda or soda water









Holiday Cocktails





Halloween Cocktails